Strategic Planning for 2016 – 2018

painterTEGV’s STRATEGIC PLAN FOR 2016 – 2018

New Perspectives and Course of Action

  • During 20 years of TEGV activity, Turkey caught a wave of economic and social change. As a result, we have set an ambitious national goal of becoming one of the top ten economies in the world by the Centenary Year of our Republic.
  • In order to reach our 2023 goal, our people must receive quality and equal education. “Quality education” is one of the key internationally recognized principle human rights.
  • Acquiring high level skills like creativity is based on developing the skills of math, scientific literacy, literacy, comprehension, listening, writing and basic arts.
  • Quality education indicates the essential knowledge, skills and values for a successful and happy life in the 21st century. It cannot be possible for those who do not possess basic skills and competences to realize their potential, or be active and have constructive roles in the community.anim2
  • Our foundation works so that our children can become rationalist individuals, who can think in a scientific way, can ask questions, do not discriminate in any way, and are self-confident. Turkey can only succeed in the competitive world of the 21st century through educationally equipped generations.
  • In accordance with this consciousness, we are determined to make “equal and quality education” available to even the most deprived members of our society.


2016 – 2018 Strategic Field and Objectives

We believe that our unique education model is TEGV’s foremost strength. In order to evaluate and enhance this model in the most efficient way possible, we have set our course of action for the principal areas that constitute the basis of TEGV.

Educational Programs

Provide children with learning and experiencing opportunities; improve their communication skills; support their scientific, technological and artistic creativity; empower their life skills.

Activity Centers

Grow by enhancing the efficiency of the existing educational centers, and not by expanding the number or variety. Spread the TEGV spirit in the centers through use of the same materials.


Boost the competence, quality, perspective, efficiency and participation of our volunteers, the heroes behind TEGV’s success story.


anim3 Diversify the necessary resources for projects and general expenses in a creative and flexible manner, without compromising our essential principles. Grow the resources and ensure sustainability.

Accelerate regular individual donations, in addition to corporate donations, so that dependence on a few people and organizations, and/or big fundraiser events, becomes less acute.

Reach the targeted donor group, in addition to traditional contributors who are already sensitive on education. Raise income by creating attractive outputs that meet actual needs.


anim6Strengthen brand communication; ensure brand recognition, popularity and brand differentiation; empower the perception that TEGV is a brand that adds value; make sure the TEGV brand touches the lives of more people.

Information Technologies

Using technology as an effective tool to enable us reach our goals; propagating the use of technology in education to expand the number of children without adding more education centers; using virtual platforms efficiently. Using technology to improve the development of our children and volunteers.

Human Resources

anim5Building up the organizational scheme and the business process in a productive and simple manner, by taking into account our 20-year experience, and our successes and failures, for the efficient use of resources.