Algo Digital Project

TEGV is adding another string to its bow of education programs, which focus on four main areas (mathematics, science, reading and arts). The Algo Digital Project was designed to enhance children’s basic digital skills and open the world of information to them. The Project is supported by, and aims to develop children’s problem solving, algorithmic thinking, block-based coding/programming, digital literacy and digital citizenship capacities.

Digital Explorers

The Digital Explorers initiative is supported by The main aim of Digital Explorers is to instill awareness in participants about digital citizenship, digital bullying, technology and safe Internet. Participants are expected to review their current knowledge, skills and experience, and to research, analyze and evaluate accurate information with different methods.


The kodAdım carpet game, included in the Algo Digital Project, is supported by It involves finding and applying alternative solutions, while complying with instructions and adhering to specific conditions and methods.