Mobile Firefly Learning Units Educational Programs


The curriculum of the Firefly Mobile Education Units consists of short-term activities in the fields of informatics, math, science, reading and art.

The programs are all appropriate for grades 2 to 8 and are applied in an active learning environment by volunteers during the course hours. The Firefly Education Curriculum lasts 12 hours in total; 6 hours for the Knowledge is My Business program, and the remaining 6 for the Enjoy Learning Math, Enjoy Learning Science, I read I Play, Drama Workshop and Enjoy Learning Hygiene programs.

Through this program we aim for children to improve their literacy, discover their creativity, better understand what they read, and express themselves better, as well as break their prejudices towards science and math and build up their skills in these two areas, and finally to expand their awareness about hygiene.

Knowledge is My Business

Knowledge is My Business teaches children about technology that is now everywhere, and how to understand it and use technological tools with a certain competence. The aim is to raise computer and technology literacy among children.

Enjoy Learning Math

Enjoy Learning Math aims to quell the anxiety that children might have regarding Math, and tries to make them love the subject. It boasts many attractive and entertaining materials.

Enjoy Learning Science

The Enjoy Learning Science program engenders children with a positive attitude towards science, and helps them gain awareness about scientific processes. The program uses attractive and fun materials.

I Read I Learn

This program aims for children to understand the texts they read at various and multiple levels, and for them to derive an outcome from the information that they learn. The activities help children create unique ideas, observe, and think analytically. Better self-expression is also among the acquisitions of the program.

Drama Workshop

This workshop develops children’s basic life skills through art. It helps them to become versatile, creative thinking, questioning, criticizing, self-expressive and free thinking individuals.

Enjoy Learning Hygiene

The purpose of the Enjoy Learning Hygiene program is to help children acquire correct hygienic habits, and develop the proper behaviors and attitudes when using lavatories.

Short Term Activities

In addition to the 12-hour Firefly Education Program, this additional program has been developed to be run in schools. Each short term activity lasts for 90 minutes, and there are various programs in different fields, including art, reading, math and values. All activities are appropriate to students’ age groups. The unique content and objectives of these programs are prepared by educational consultants and specialists.