Short term activities


In addition to the 10-week educational programs, there are various 90-minute short-term activities as well, in order to raise children’s awareness in different areas such as art, hygiene, reading, math and values. These activities are appropriate for the children’s age and grade levels, and the content and objectives are uniquely prepared by specialists in their fields, as well as TEGV educators. Short term activities can be carried out at TEGV activity centers and at schools.

  1. Welcoming Hour
  2. Oral and Dental Health
  3. Enjoy Learning Hygiene
  4. Educational Box Games
  5. I’m In Traffic
  6. Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow
  7. Seasons
  8. Space and Sky
  9. Math Through Concepts
  10. Math and Numbers
  11. Math and Time
  12. Creative Thinking
  13. Environment
  14. Art
  15. Movie – Documentary – Creative Watching
  16. I am Safe at TEGV
  17. Creative Reading
  18. Man Who Plants Hope and Harvests Happiness
  19. Peace Culture
  20. Individual and Social Responsibility
  21. Respect Nature
  22. Children’s Rights
  23. Self Confidence and Creativity
  24. Respect Differences
  25. Volunteering
  26. Human Rights and Democracy