Our Human Resources Approach and Mission

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TEGV with its innovative and dynamic organization aims to be a pioneer among Non-Governmental Organizations.

Our Human Resources mission is to establish fair, balanced and development-oriented systems within the organization that allow long-term planning.

Our Human Resources Policy

  • Developing objective practices by acting in line with the principles of transparency, clarity, and justice,
  • Ensuring that people suitable for TEGV culture are placed in the right position at the right time,
  • Establishing the systems supporting the goals and strategies of our foundation, and ensuring that high performance is rewarded,
  • Making training plans in line with the development needs of the employees in a way to support our medium and long-term business plans,

Creating a working environment to act in accordance with the mission, vision and values of the Foundation by developing practices that protect the rights of the employee and the Foundation in accordance with the law

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