About Us

Our Raison d’Etre

“Ensuring bright minds in the future of Turkey is predicated on superior education of our children today.”

The government, with its incontestable role in public education, faces difficulties fulfilling this duty because of lack of resources and certain structural problems. Voluntary agencies, the private sector and the public must act in such a way as to enhance government efficiency in this vital area. They must share the responsibility by supporting, setting examples, and covering the deficiencies. The raison d’etre of our foundation is to support the primary education provided by the government.

Our Objective

The objective of TEGV is to provide educational programs and activities to help our elementary education level children become citizens who are loyal to the basic tenets of our republic, who are rational, prudent, self-confident, creative, pacifist, respectful of different beliefs and thoughts, and who do not discriminate based on gender, nationality, religion or language.

The specific educational programs created by TEGV are implemented by volunteers at Educational Parks, Learning Units, and Mobile Firefly Learning Units established all around the country, and via the “Support Protocol for Social Activities”.

Our Values

  1. Independence: Our foundation is independent of all ideological and political opinions.
  2. Mission Oriented: We utilize our resources in accordance with the primary objectives described in our Foundation Deed.
  3. Justice, Equality, Tolerance and Respect: We approach all our employees, volunteers, children, donors, and all other stakeholders with the same principles of justice and equality. There is no religion, language, nationality or gender discrimination at TEGV. We respect different opinions and beliefs. We observe mutual respect in our relationships with all stakeholders; both internal and outside of the institution.
  4. Credibility: We follow the principles of transparency and accountability in all of our transactions. No confidential data provided by any of our stakeholders is ever presented to third parties.
  5. Cooperation and Solidarity: We see all non-governmental organizations as our stakeholders, and take care to be cooperative and act in solidarity with them.
  6. Rights and Responsibilities:   We strictly follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in all our transactions. Our trustees, directors, volunteers and workers comply with the obligations of a responsible citizen. We try to utilize the resources of today in the most effective manner so that the resources of future generations are not consumed. This constitutes the basis for all our actions.
  7. Innovativeness: Our generation has adopted an innovative approach as part of the principle of constant development. Therefore, we continually develop and apply unique models.