Our Manifest



When TEGV set off 26 years ago,
We knew that for a brighter future,
Our only chance is education.
Because we believe that:
Education is power. Education is a right.
Especially in developing countries,
It is the only power, the only opportunity
That some children may have.

Education does not only serve to read and right, to count
And to get information, it primarily serves to
Discover one’s strength and to survive!

Just like the way we dress our children to protect them from the cold
Or carry them in our arms so they don’t get tried…
We need to support them with education
So they may stand on their own feet.

We believe that we bring our children, whom we
Treat with love and equip with knowledge,
Skills and self-confidence so they may
Stand upright and take a strong stand in life.
We are supplementary to their school life,
And alternative to the streets and perilous environments.

At TEGV, our children encounter the education concepts of
The most developed countries in a free environment.
Volunteering older sisters and brothers, consisting of mostly young people,
Set an example for our children with their attitude to life.

Many people who start their lives under difficult conditions,
May become successful businesspersons, artists,
Scientists or senior executives purely by means of education.
We have supported more than 2 million children,
Especially in regions where educational opportunities are restricted,
With the power of education for 20 years.

To the new hopes, with our new programs.
Educational Volunteers
As each child changes, Turkey flourishes.