Our Strategy For 2019 – 2021

OUR STRATEGY FOR 2019 – 2021

kiz2We have prepared our strategic plan for the next three years, 2019-2021, with the participation of our entire team under the leadership of our Board of Directors. We have carried out our work with the support of our voluntary expert consultants using a special methodology (Balance Scorecard). In this process which we started by reviewing our mission, we determined our vision for the future. First, we have redefined our values, then we have created our strategies and projects that we will be implementing in this context in order to achieve our goals.
We will evaluate our success in achieving our strategic goals by regularly monitoring our performance indicators.

Our Strategic Objectives

Increasing the Number of Children

We are trying to develop new channels in order to reach our children in line with our goal “to be an NGO that is accessible to every child” in our vision. While we maintain the number of children that we meet directly for our activities, we also aim to reach our children who cannot come to our activity points with our new digital applications. With the development of our mobile model, we aim to serve more children.

Commitment to High Stakeholders

anim3At TEGV, we carry out our activities with the power we receive from our stakeholders. We will develop and maintain our efforts in order to increase the satisfaction and continuity of our children, volunteers, parents and local supporters. We aim to ensure continuity in the resources provided by our benefactors, to communicate directly with our trustees to make them more effective and to further strengthen our international relations. We try to make our communication efforts more comprehensive in order to increase the public awareness of our foundation with each passing day.

Sustainable Financial Structure

It is very important for our foundation that our activities, which we have been continuing with success for 23 years, continue for many years to come. Therefore, operational and financial sustainability is a priority in our strategic goals. In order to ensure our financial sustainability, we aim to diversify our resources in domestic and foreign channels, strengthen our capital asset and reduce our costs by increasing efficiency in our operations.

Effective and Efficient Processes

anim6“Efficiency” is something we particularly focus on in our new strategy as in our previous strategy period. With our continuous development and improvement approach, we carry out activities for our children to benefit from our activity points with maximum capacity and for a stronger volunteer management and effective communication activities. In our new Strategic Plan period, we will work on spreading our original education model on digital platforms. In order to monitor the impact of our activities, our assessment studies will continue in the context of cooperation with universities. Our risk management activities in our processes will continue systematically and the Corporate Governance Rating results of independent rating agencies will shed light on our works.

New Generation HR and IT Infrastructure

anim5We will strengthen our technology and human resources infrastructure to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our activities. We will implement new generation digital applications both in the field of education and in our technical infrastructure. Increasing the competence of our employees and their loyalty to the Foundation and to maintain the spirit of teamwork, as always, is one of the most important issues that we will focus on in our new strategy period.