Adım Adım (Step by Step)


Did you know that you can make a difference in thousands of children’s lives just by running?

With Adım Adım (Charity Running Platform), every step you take on behalf of TEGV will help to build a better future for our children.

It’s really simple:


2017 Istanbul Marathon Project: Have you Ever Seen a Running Firefly?

We are aiming to reach 25,000 children in the next 2 years which will get educational support through 5 Fireflies (Mobile Learning Units), operating in the education field in different parts of the country.
The total budget for the project is TL 1,000,000.

What We Have Achieved So Far:
The donations we have recieved since 2009 from the Istanbul, Runatolia and Bozcaada Marathons on the Adım Adım initiative helped us implement various major projects.

We would like to thank all of our runners who helped bring about these key projects with the donations they raised while “Running for a Good Cause”.