At TEGV we aim to give all children who are born with different talents and skills the chance to discover their potential and gifts. To this end, we provide them with an active learning environment where they can feel safe, and where they can demonstrate their creativity.

The education model we have created accordingly has five main aspects:

  • Our child friendly activity centers
  • Our educated and equipped volunteers
  • Our child-centered education programs
  • Our systematic evaluation and monitoring organization
  • Our management system that takes everything into consideration as a whole for an interactive environment.

The education programs that we develop within our model place the child at the center of the focus. We give them the opportunity to express themselves, and also to learn actively through activity based and fun programs. While supporting their self-confidence and boosting their motivation, our programs aim for the children to gain basic life skills.

Our education programs address students at elementary level, and are gathered together under four main topics; Math, Science, Reading and Art. The contents of the programs vary according to level and grade. In addition, our Let’s Learn Together program attempts to support first grade students during their orientation period, and to augment their readiness for school. Our programs last for 10 weeks.

Our education programs are prepared by specialists in their fields and TEGV education consultants. The volunteers who implement our programs receive extensive training before they meet the children. First they go through the Basic Volunteer Program, where they learn about working with children. Then they take training specified to the programs that they will practice. Only after all of this training do they meet the children.

Our education programs are applied at many stationary and mobile activity centers all around Turkey. These activity centers are uniquely designed. They are colorful, child friendly, encourage creativity, and use technology effectively. We also run activities and programs that can be carried out at schools as per the protocol we have arranged with the Ministry of Education Directorate General of Elementary Level Education.

The contents of our education activities are vital for us. In order to track the success of our programs in reaching their targeted acquisitions, we have regular evaluation and monitoring studies for each program. According to the data collected from these studies, we review our programs to make sure they meet the needs of both our children and practitioners. For 21 years we have marched on with our work to raise children who are self-confident, who can express themselves freely, and who are creative, thoughtful, questioning, peaceful and respectful of differences.