Education at TEGV

TEGV is continuing its operations to support education with the education programs it develops and the great support of volunteers in unique mobile and immobile locations built across Turkey.

Children are becoming life-long learning individuals and gaining life skills to become happy and successful individuals in their educational, professional and social lives is the most important part of the mission of TEGV. Educational activities are the most important dimension of this model and the Foundation carries out education activities serving in different development fields in order to create a positive physical, cognitive, social and emotional impact on children and volunteers and to bring its mission to life.

Our children friendly locations, competent volunteers, children centered unique education programs, systematic monitoring- evaluation structure and governance structure that deals with all these dimensions in a holistic approach and managing in an interactive way paves the way for a sustainable educational support model.

TEGV attaches maximum importance to the quality and the quantity of education activities. Trying to reach as many children as possible and become prevalent, TEGV also works to keep the children who participated in the activities of TEGV to keep working with the foundation for many years and enable them to utilize the positive effect of TEGV permanently and as much as possible. It aims to make this come true by continuously increasing the quality of education activities that are the meeting points with children and by keeping its currency.

Education programs and educational activities for children and volunteers are developed by TEGV Education Experts and coordinated by Education Programs. The programs meet with children and volunteers through specially trained volunteers.

TEGV aims to provide children who come to this world with different skills with the opportunity to discover their potentials and talents. In order to do so, TEGV offers exploration areas in which children can feel safe and express their feelings and thoughts freely, show their creativity and actively learn at Education Park and Learning Units, Firefly Mobile Learning Units, MEB Schools and other public places. Other than trying to teach children academic skills and sub-skills, the foundation also targets gaining them 21 st century skills with supra-disciplinary project approach

MEB students can visit TEGV units during social activity hours on weekdays and children who wish to enjoy weekend and summer activities can be registered into programs by their parents at TEGV units and all the other kids can utilize the education support activities of TEGV by accessing online platforms and games offered by TEGV.