Education at TEGV

TEGV maintains its educational support activities at unique, stationary and mobile locations established all around Turkey through education programs it develops and with the great support of its volunteers.

It is the most important part of TEGV’s mission that children become lifelong learners and acquire the life skills so that they can become happy and successful individuals in their educational, vocational and social life. Training activities is the most important aspect of this model, and the Foundation conducts training activities that serve to different areas of development for realizing its mission and having a positive impact on children and volunteers physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Our child-friendly spaces, well-equipped volunteers, unique child-centered training programs, systematic monitoring-evaluation structure and governance structure that integrates and manages all these dimensions in a holistic way make it possible for a sustainable education support model.

TEGV gives utmost importance to both quantity and quality of the educational activity. While trying to reach out to as many children as possible numerically and to expand, TEGV makes efforts so that children who attend activities at TEGV continue the Foundation for years and can benefit its positive effect at maximum and permanently. It aims to achieve this by continuously improving the quality of the training activity, which is a means of meeting with the child, and keeping it up to date.

Education programs and educational activities for children and volunteers are developed by advisors specialized in their fields and TEGV’s Educational Experts and coordinated by TEGV’s Education Programs. Programs are delivered to children and volunteers through specially trained volunteers.

TEGV aims to give all children born with different skills the opportunity to discover their own potential and talents. To this end, TEGV offers areas of discovery where children feel safe, can express their thoughts and emotions freely, realize their creativity and learn actively at TEGV Training Parks and Learning Units, Firefly Mobile Learning Units, MoNE Schools and other public spaces. The Foundation also aims to provide children with academic and sub-skills as well as 21st-century skills through a transdisciplinary project approach that uses technology as a tool.

By coming to TEGV units during weekday social activity hours, children attending MoNE schools who want to benefit from weekend and summer activities are enrolled in programs by their parents at TEGV units, and all other children can benefit from TEGV’s educational support activities by accessing the online platforms and games offered by TEGV.