Life with Sports


With the Sports Life Skills realized with the cooperation between TEGV and Allianz Turkey, it is aimed to support mobility competence, self-confidence, efficient participation, and development of connection and character through sports and reinforce their multidimensional development through activities such as group works, discussions, self-evaluations, and examination of successful people’s sportive experiences.

The program is designed to provide children aged at 7-9 years with basic movement skills through games developing these skills and children aged at 10-12 years with a sporting experience enriched with activities selected from among athletics, gymnastics, korfball, bocce, orienteering and rugby in addition to basic movement skills. With practices of conscious sports, skills development methods, goal setting, planning, leadership, sports ethics, empathy and self-confidence that will extend over weeks, children’s knowledge and attitudes will be deepened.

Levels of Activity : 2nd-7th grades

Duration : 10-16 weeks

Location of Activity : TEGV Training Parks