Life with Sports


Brought to life with TEGV and Allianz Turkey cooperation, Life with Sports activities target the versatile development of children with activities related to movement competence, self-confidence, efficient participation of children, supporting muscle and character development through sports, group studies, discussions, self-evaluation, examining the sports related life experiences of successful people.

The program is designed to offer an enriched sports experience with games for fundamental movement skills and the development of these for 7-9-year-old group; athletics, gymnastics, korfball, bocce, orienteering and rugby selections in addition to fundamental movement skills for 10-12 year-old children. With activities about conscious sports, methods for developing skills, setting a target, planning, leadership, sports ethics, empathy and self-confidence, children will learn more and deepen their attitudes towards these subjects.

Levels : 2nd-7th grades

Duration : 10-16 weeks

Location : TEGV Education Parks