Our Education Model And Approach


TEGV aims to help every child born into this world with different abilities to discover their own potentials and talents. Therefore, we offer an area for children to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions freely, reveal their creativity, and actively learn at the same time.
Our education model consists of five main aspects: child-friendly locations, experienced volunteers, child-focused education programs, systematic monitoring-evaluation structure, and our holistic and interactive governance structure.


Our education programs focus most of all on children’s needs. They offer them a chance to express themselves and learn actively, with activities and fun. Our program aims for children to gain basic skills and life skills, and they also support their confidence and motivation.

Our programs for primary school children focus on five main areas; Mathematics, Science, Reading, Arts and Informatics, and their contents vary according to the children’s level and grades. In addition, our Let’s Learn Together program aims to help 1st graders adapt to school and support their readiness for schooling. Our programs last for 10 weeks.

Our education programs are prepared by expert consultants and TEGV’s education experts. The volunteers who implement the programs complete the required training before meeting the children. They receive Basic Volunteer Training, in which they learn how to work with children, and then they receive special trainings tailored for the programs they will implement.

Our education programs are carried out at fixed or mobile, colorful, child-friendly locations that trigger creativity and use technology effectively all around Turkey. We have programs and activities applied at state schools within the scope of our protocol with the Basic Education General Directorate of the Ministry of National Education.

Our educational activities mean a lot to us. In order to assess our targeted achievements, we monitor and evaluate each education program. We review our programs annually to ensure that we cater to the requirements of our children and our practitioners, in line with the data we gather. We strive to ensure that children become confident individuals who can express themselves freely, think, question, and are peaceful and respect differences.