Short Activities


In addition to 10-week education programs, 90-minute Short Activities that aim to raise awareness among children in many different areas such as art, hygiene, reading, mathematics and values are organized.

These are short activities which take 2 hours and are prepared and applied to bring knowledge, awareness, attitude and value to children in several areas. Short activities are designed in subjects of which awareness can be raised among children at one sitting and are supported by effective visual and interactive tools; to achieve the maximum effect in a short time, retention of the learning is reinforced by giving children reminders and educational tools such as small booklets, visuals, badges.

These activities consist of original trainings in accordance with children’s grade and age levels and of which purposes, objectives and contents are prepared by advisors and TEGV education experts who are specialized in their fields. Short activities can be performed at TEGV training locations and schools.

Short Activities are formed by four main topics (Starting from First Grade Activities, For a Better World Activities, Sponsored Activities and other activities, and there are 36 activities in total.

  1. Environment
  2. Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow
  3. Mathematics with Concepts
  4. Mathematics and Numbers
  5. Mathematics and Time
  6. Seasons
  7. I’m in traffic
  8. Space and Sky
  9. Creative Thinking
  10. Creative Reading
  11. Discrimination
  12. Peace
  13. Children’s Rights
  14. Ecology
  15. Human Rights and Democracy
  16. Social Gender
  17. Oral and Dental Health
  18. Algo Digital- Digital Explorers
  19. Algo Digital-My Codename
  20. Have Fun, Learn Hygiene
  21. Invisible Child
  22. Documentary-Movie Time
  23. Playground Games
  24. Educational Board Games
  25. Voluntariness
  26. Welcome Time
  27. Self-Confidence and Creativity
  28. Picture Completion
  29. Art- Ebru
  30. Art-Eva
  31. Magic Paint
  32. I’m Safe at TEGV – Disaster
  33. I’m Safe at TEGV – Earthquake
  34. I’m Safe at TEGV – Fire
  35. The Man Sows Hope and Reaps Happiness
  36. Trip