Short-Term Activities

There are some short-term activities for raising awareness in children on many different areas such as art, hygiene, reading, mathematics and values that are 90 minutes long aside from the 10 week education programs.

These are 2 hour-long short-term activities prepared to raise awareness, give information, teach attitude and values in different fields to children. Short-term activities are organized in subjects that can raise awareness with just one time, supported with impressive visuals and interactive tools and the permanence of learning is supported by giving reminding objects and educational tools such as booklets, visuals and badges are given to children to ensure the maximum impact in a short time.

These activities consist of unique training opportunities that are in accordance with the grades and ages of children and their targets and contents are prepared by consultants and Education Programs. Short-term activities can be offered at TEGV activity points and schools.

Short-term activities are categorized in 4 main titles as “Starting from One, For a Better World, Sponsored Activities and other activities and there are 36 activities in total.

  1. Environment
  2. Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow
  3. Mathematics with Concepts
  4. Mathematics and Numbers
  5. Mathematics and Time
  6. Seasons
  7. I am in traffic
  8. Space and Sky
  9. Creative Thinking
  10. Creative Reading
  11. Discrimination
  12. Peace
  13. Children’s Rights
  14. Ecology
  15. Human Rights and Democracy
  16. Gender
  17. Oral and Dental Health
  18. Algo Digital- Digital Explorers
  19. Algo Digital- My Code Name
  20. Fun, Learn Hygiene
  21. Invisible Child
  22. Documentary- Movie Time
  23. Outdoor Games
  24. Educational Board Games
  25. Volunteerism
  26. Welcome Hour
  27. Self-Confidence and Creativity
  28. Completing Paintings
  29. Art- Marbling
  30. Art-Eva
  31. Magic Paint
  32. I’m safe at TEGV – Natural Disasters
  33. I’m safe at TEG – Earthquake
  34. I’m safe at TEGV – Fire
  35. The Man Who Planted Hope and Grew Happiness
  36. Travel *