Standard Firefly Learning Unit Education Program


The Firefly Learning Unit Education Program consists of short activities on information technologies, mathematics, science, reading and arts.

Programs are run for 2nd to 8th graders within class hours at the Firefly Learning Unit’s activity area, in an active learning environment, with the support of volunteers. The Firefly Education Program covers 12 hours, and includes 6 hours of Information Technology activity, and 6 hours of Enjoy Learning Mathematics, Enjoy Learning Science, I Read I Play, Drama Workshop, and Enjoy Learning Hygiene activities.

This program aims for children to improve their technological literacy, discover their creativity, better understand what they read and better express themselves, break down their prejudices about mathematics and science, improve their knowledge and skills in this area, and enhance their awareness about hygiene.

Algo Digital

The program aims to improve children’s problem-solving skills, algorithmic thinking, block-based coding/programming, digital literacy and digital citizenship.

Enjoy Learning Mathematics

Enjoy Learning Mathematics aims to endear children to mathematics, while eliminating the anxiety some children may have about the subject. It includes fascinating and fun materials for children.

Enjoy Learning Science

Enjoy Learning Science aims to help children become aware about the scientific process, and develop a positive attitude towards science. It uses fascinating and fun materials.

I Read I Play

I Read I Play aims for children to comprehend multiple-dimensions of texts, and convert new knowledge into products. It aims for children to produce unique thoughts, improve their creative and critical thing skills, and to express themselves better.

Drama Workshop

The Drama Workshop activity helps children become free-thinking individuals who are capable of multi-dimensional, creative questioning, and can express themselves while developing life skills through art.

Enjoy Learning Hygiene

The Enjoy Learning Hygiene activity aims to teach children correct hygiene habits, attitudes and behaviors, for hygiene in the bathroom.

Short Term Activities

Along with the 12-hour Firefly Education Program, there are Short Term Activities for schools. These consist of 90-minute sessions, and aim to make children aware about various areas including arts, reading, mathematics, values and information technologies. The activities include unique education programs suitable for the children’s grades and ages, and the targets, aims and contents are prepared by consultants and education experts.