Frequently Asked Questions

Activity Centers
  • How do you decide where to build a new activity center?

    The criteria for starting up a new activity center are described in our organization strategy. We take note that no other TEGV activity center exists in the proposed city. Taking into consideration the population, literacy rate, student quantity per branch, unemployment rate, size of household, and presence of a university/college, we decide on the prioritized cities. Within the scope of annual plans, and in cases where investment and administrative costs can be covered, a new activity center can be set up by decision.

  • Why don’t you open up more education parks/units?

    Our principal aim is to ensure the sustainability of our activities. For this reason we can open up new TEGV education parks/units only if we have the prerequisite of covering the investment and administrative costs.

  • What can we do to set up an activity center in our city/district?

    It is important that we receive “local” demand to open up a new activity center or direct a Firefly unit to a city or a district. Local authorities, individuals and institutions within the region must donate to fully cover all the costs of the activity center/Firefly unit. For detailed information about the procedures for implementing our activities in a city/district, you can contact the Site Plan and Organization department (e-mail: Once we receive, in writing, the demand for a new activity center, we then reply, in writing, per our periodic plans, organization strategies and local support that can be collected.

  • Can I register my child at an activity center any time I wish?

    You can register your child at our activity centers any time you wish.
    The start and end dates for our standard activities are as below. Apart from these your child can participate in short-term activities, and use the library and other various social activities.

    Fall Activity Semester 26 September – 22 January
    Spring Activity Semester 20 February – 10 June
    Summer Activity Semester 1 18 June – 06 July
    Summer Activity Semester 2 09 June – 27 July

  • Do we have to pay to participate in your activities?

    Participation in our activities is free. However, in order to enforce the sense of belonging among children we ask for a minimal fee.

  • I would like to register my child to an activity center. What are the conditions?

    TEGV activities are for students at elementary level. If you have a child in that age group, you can take her/him to the closest activity center. For enrollment, you need to bring ID and 2 passport photos. At the activity center, our personnel will take you through the registration process and give you detailed information about our activities.

  • How can we direct a Firefly to where we are?

    The locations that Fireflies will go to are based on demands received, and taking the regional distribution into consideration. Firefly demands are put into the planning process. A truck must be provided to transfer the Firefly, and a source of electricity is crucial.

  • How long does a Firefly stay at a school?

    The duration of a Firefly’s stay at a school depends of the number of students at that school. The planning is conducted to ensure that all classes except first grades participate in 12-hour activities. According to this, a Firefly hosts about 280 children a month. Once the activity is completed at the hosting school, planning for nearby schools can be considered.

Donations and Products
Human Resources
  • How can I apply for a post at TEGV?

    You can follow vacant posts at TEGV on Our announcements are also published simultaneously on www.yenibiriş.com and You can apply for posts that suit your skills and intelligence, or you can be transferred to these webpages from and be included in the candidate pool.

  • How do I get feedback about my application?

    Applications through the stated internet pages are evaluated per the set criteria, and then included in the employment process. Applicants receive an online reply.

Education Activities
  • How can I get information about TEGV’s activities?

    You can contact the responsible party of the closest activity center to your location. The contact details of the closest activity center can be found on our webpage, in the “Where We Are?” section. You can also visit our activity centers and get information. Our webpage also contains detailed information about our activities.

  • Who are TEGV’s activities for, and What Kind of Programs Are There?

    TEGV’s education programs are carried out by volunteers at Education Parks, Education Units, City Representation, Firefly Mobile Education Units, Family Centers controlled by the Social Services and Child Protection Agency, and at schools as per the “Social Services Support Protocol”.

    We run 5 types of education activities; standard activities for ages 7-16, club activities, elementary education support programs, school work activities, and mid-term activities. Activities for other age groups can be run upon approval by the Education and Volunteer Department and the Content Development Department, as per the status of the project and capacity. There are also separate activities for non-TEGV members.

  • How are the education programs brought to children?

    TEGV implements its unique education programs thanks to volunteers all around Turkey through the Education Parks, Education Units, Firefly Mobile Education Units, and City Representations, as well as schools and Family Centers.

  • What are the Standard Activities carried out at activity centers?

    Standard activities are appropriate to the children’s age levels. Their content, target and mission are designated by consultants, the Content Research and Development Department, and the Education and Volunteer Department. They are unique to TEGV, and the purpose is to spread them to all action zones. Standard activities are based on 3 main learning areas: art-language-communication, personal development-social values, and cognitive-intellectual field.

  • Where do you conduct the standard activities and how long do they last?

    Standard activities are run as 16-week programs at activity centers and schools.

  • Can the education programs be applied at schools?

    The Research Lab and Learning is My Business Programs can be run at schools by volunteers for children who can’t attend the programs at activity centers for whatever reason. In addition, some of our standard activities can be run at village schools.

  • Do TEGV activities follow a specific academic calendar?

    Yes. We have 2 semesters of 16 weeks each (Fall Activity Centers – Spring Activity Centers), and two 3-week summer programs in June and July. In addition to these, children who haven’t participated in any of the activities within the first 4 weeks can join the 6-week Activity Planet interlude program.

  • Why do you conduct your activities with volunteer support?

    Non-governmental organizations are institutions where social solidarity is ensured and spread through volunteering and participation. As one of Turkey’s leading non-governmental organizations, we provide an opportunity for thousands of volunteers to contribute to social solidarity and have a say in the country’s future. As a result we conduct our activities with the support of our volunteers. We also have professional personnel who work at headquarters, Education Parks, Education Units, City Representation and at Fireflies.

  • Who can be a volunteer?

    All individuals 18 years old or above, who accept the Foundation’s mission and work, and who can spare 2 hours per week during a whole activity semester can become a volunteer.

  • Can I become a volunteer without completing the required documents?

    No. Each applicant is asked to present a passport photo and a copy of their ID during application. Candidates are then asked to present a certificate of criminal record before participating in Communication Training. Without completing these documents, it is not possible to finalize the Step by Step procedures and become a volunteer.

  • Why can’t individuals under 18 be volunteers?

    Being 18 (age of maturity) years old is an obligation born of the Civil Code. In addition to this, the obligation of setting a “role model” for our target group of children between the ages of 7 and 16 creates the necessity to ask for a high school diploma from volunteers. However, in view of special conditions and circumstances, there can be exceptional cases as well.

    According to this, high school students who want to be a volunteer can serve as one by ensuring corporate communication (Foundation – High School Management) with our foundation. This method is put in action when our foundation feels the need. In such cases, high school volunteers can participate in the activities under an older volunteer’s supervision.

  • What is the maximum number of activities a volunteer can attend?

    For the efficiency of both the volunteer and program, a volunteer can participate in a maximum of two activities during an activity semester.

  • How many volunteers can work at Parks, Units and Fireflies?

    The number of volunteers working at activity centers depends on the physical condition of the stated location and the curriculum of the elementary schools.

  • Can public officials become volunteers?

    There is no objection to public officials becoming volunteers per the public management laws or per our foundation’s principles. It is sufficient that they embrace the foundation’s mission and works.

  • Can TEGV terminate someone’s volunteering?

    Yes. The articles stated in the Volunteer Contract in the Step by Step Volunteering Procedure defines the responsibilities of a volunteer. The volunteering of any individual not complying with those principles may be terminated. Since the target group of the foundation is children, volunteer coordination must be very sensitive. Volunteers participating in the activities must set a good role model in every aspect. A volunteer contravening responsibilities defined in the Volunteer Contract will not set a correct role model for the children or for the other volunteers. Any individual whose volunteering has been terminated cannot participate in any further activity at our activity centers.

  • Can I be a volunteer at an activity center outside the city I live in?

    Yes. If you move, or are in a different city temporarily, you can continue to work as a volunteer at a TEGV activity center in that city. In addition you can participate in our Summer Volunteer for Anatolia program held during the second summer activity semester, and work in a different city.

  • Do you give out certificates at the end of the “Communication” and “Learning Approaches and Model at TEGV” trainings?

    No. “Communication” and “Learning Approaches and Model at TEGV” trainings, which are a part of the step by step volunteering process, shouldn’t be perceived as professional trainings. These trainings are accepted as the Standard Volunteer Training, where communication skills, effective class management, and a constructionist approach are explained to volunteers. They are also an interactive process where we continue getting to know the volunteers.

  • Can I ask for a reference letter for being a volunteer?

    Yes. All volunteers actively taking duty for at least one semester can ask for a reference letter from one of our professional employees. If the activity center responsible party deems appropriate, he/she transfers the reference letter demand to the Education and Volunteer Department. Following this, the reference letter is presented to the volunteer. The letters can only be written as per the content set by the Foundation.

  • Can volunteers run programs that they develop themselves?

    Yes. A volunteer can present his/her project as a draft (with titles such as purpose – method – tools – cost) to the responsible party of the activity center. With their reference, the project must then be presented to the relevant department for approval. A project can be implemented only if it complies with the foundation’s purpose, strategy and principles, and is approved by the relevant department.

  • I want to present the Foundation at my school/office/social environment. Can I do this?

    Corporate “Foundation Promotions” are done by professional employees. If you want to introduce the Foundation to possible volunteers, you can get in touch with the responsible party of the closest activity center, and learn about the closest Foundation Introduction meeting.

  • Can I go on a local TV/radio station and talk about TEGV and volunteering? They invited me and asked me to represent TEGV.

    Representing and introducing our Foundation is the responsibility of our professional employees. But with the knowledge and approval of the Foundation, a volunteer can represent TEGV on local media when accompanied by a professional employee.

  • As volunteers, can we organize demonstrations regarding our work at education parks, units and Fireflies?

    You need to set up a pre-meeting with the responsible party of the activity center before you design your project. In order to protect the unity and coordination of our activities, no activity can be planned outside the education parks, units, or Fireflies. But if your project, presented in writing, is accepted, you can run it in coordination with the activity center.

  • As volunteers we would like to document the good work we do with our children in a book/newspaper. What would you say?

    You need to set up a pre-meeting with the responsible party of the activity center before you design your project. It is not possible to print and use the Foundation name and logo on work that is not approved by headquarters.

  • I do sports training. Do I need to attend the “Learning Approaches and Model at TEGV” training? Which training I must attend?

    No. If you will be doing only sports training you don’t need to attend the Learning Approaches and Model at TEGV training. But you do need to attend the Foundation Introduction and Communication training.

    You need to attend the related coach training or Activity Volunteer training. If you are going to run a sport activity other than these, then you must have the professional training in that field, and/or you must be a licensed athlete of that sport.

  • We would like to run a corporate social responsibility project with TEGV. What can we do?

    If you want to be a volunteer on a corporate social responsibility project, your firm’s representative must get in contact with a responsible party from the Education and Volunteer Department. For corporate social responsibility projects and volunteer activities other than those stated below, our Education and Volunteer department can provide the necessary directions

Other Questions
  • Does TEGV grant scholarships?

    No. TEGV provides educational support to students during or outside school hours. The main purpose of our Foundation’s existence is to support basic education for elementary level students between the ages of 7 and 16. TEGV implements its unique education programs thanks to volunteers all around Turkey at the Education Parks, Education Units and Firefly Mobile Education Units.

  • Do you have programs for physically handicapped children?

    Physically handicapped children can participate in our programs if they can come to the activity center in person. Children outside this category require special education and, since it is not within in our field of practice, we cannot provide services to those children.

  • Can I make your Foundation the subject of my thesis?

    First of all, we require a document from the related university proving that the individual asking for information is actually a student at their faculty. Then we receive the student’s questions-demands. Finally, depending on the content of the data he/she is requesting, we will inform when we can provide replies.

  • Are the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) and Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) the same?

    We have no organic bond with TEV. TEV is a foundation that deals with scholarships.