TEGV Remuneration and Indemnity Policy

Remuneration Policy

TEGV’s remuneration policy has been prepared with meticulous care, considering the Foundation’s primary responsibility of serving society, and with the understanding that each Turkish Lira will create added value for society, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

The remuneration system is based on an internationally recognized principle, with independent and objective criteria, which assesses the duty and not the individual, determines the group and levels of these duties according to their details and scope, and compares the salaries at such levels with the salaries in the market.

The main objective of the remuneration system is to establish a structure that is fair for the employees and is based on the principle of the same salary for the same amount of work, while considering the material interests of the Foundation. The currently implemented performance evaluation system identifies employees’ low and high performances according to impartial criteria, and supports this objective through a reward system.


Compensation Policy

Severance and Notice Pay are paid to individuals who are entitled to compensation as a result of their relationship with the Foundation due to the reasons stated in the applicable articles of Labor Law no. 4857.

Seniority, salary and other rights, legal indemnity limits and other similar criteria are taken into consideration in the calculation of compensations, again as stated by the applicable laws.


Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Approach and Mission

With its innovative and dynamic structure, TEGV aims to be a leader among Non-Governmental Organizations.

Our Human Resources mission is to establish fair, balanced and development-focused systems within the institution that enable long-term planning.

TEGV’s human resources approach:

In line with the objective of “organizing and implementing educational activities that enable raising primary education level children as individuals who are loyal to the basic principles and values of our Republic, are rational, responsible, have self-confidence, who contemplate and question, can activate their inner creativity, are peaceful and respectful of different thoughts and beliefs, and do not discriminate by gender, race, religion or language in human relations,” recruiting individuals who can adapt to TEGV’s culture, have high educational levels, are open to innovation and change, are dynamic and have the potential to improve themselves, have the ability to train others, can work well in a team, and display social sensitivity.

Creating a working environment by developing approaches that protect the rights of the employees and the Foundation, and thus ensuring that employees act according to the mission, vision and values of the Foundation.

The main principle in selection and assignment of employees is to provide equal opportunities to individuals who possess the competency (knowledge, skills, attitude) required by the job without any discrimination or favoring, and who will embrace and apply the values of the Foundation.

In order to ensure objectivity, scientific selection tools with proven reliability and validity are used in the selection of candidates.

Employee Profile

Approximately 55% of our employees are women in line with our positive discrimination principle.

Our staff consists of individuals who are innovative, dynamic, sensitive towards social issues, idealistic, knowledgeable and experienced, are sincerely devoted to TEGV’s principles, and 85% are College and University graduates.

Educational Approach

We make long-term investments in TEGV’s human resources. In line with various training programs, we also implemented Tegvision, our e-learning platform aiming to improve self-development and business skills.

We offer a three-phased Orientation and Adaptation Program for new recruits.

The main objective of our orientation program is to convey the culture and operation of our Foundation efficiently, and to ensure that the newly recruited employees adapt to their respective jobs quickly.

  • On Site Support Phase 3 days
  • Experience Exchange at Another Activity Point Phase 3 days
  • Acıbadem Orientation Phase 2 days


Our employees have priority in appointments to management levels at our Foundation.

Open positions are first shared with our employees through open position announcements within our Foundation. If the candidates applying for the position qualify for the job, the recruitment decision is based on the performance management system, interview reports and other evaluation center applications.

Our Foundation also prioritizes employment of previous TEGV children and/or volunteers.

We implemented the “project teams system” in order to achieve the targets of our Strategic Plan. Target-oriented project teams consisting of expert members from all departments are set up for extensive projects requiring the cooperation of various departments. These teams, which are independent from the already minimized internal hierarchy, determine the scope, period and success criteria of the project with a participatory method. This system, applied by some of the most respected and valuable institutions in the world, enables employees to demonstrate their potential in different work environments.

Performance Evaluation System

Our Performance Evaluation System is based on establishing concrete, measurable targets that will ensure the progress of our Foundation every year, starting from the top level, and including these targets into the decision mechanism with the support of objective tools, in accordance with our “Management with Targets” principle.

Flexible Working Hours

We support the flexible working-hours system in order to help our employees to easily set up an effective work-life balance.

Provided that they complete eight work hours a day, our employees can select a suitable schedule from the determined work hours.

In addition, they can use time they have taken from their weekends due to activities or projects as block or partial holidays.


We have developed our Volunteer Governance Model in order to ensure that our volunteers, who are essential for TEGV’s success story, are included in our decision-making processes, and in civil society efforts all around Turkey, through cooperation with other NGOs. This year, the civil society movement will recruit new leaders.

TEGV Volunteer Governance Model is prepared towards turning TEGV volunteers to TEGV’s main target audience, the children, and to render the role volunteers assume in the efforts of the Foundation more effective.

The model fundamentally aims to;

  • Improve TEGV’s mission of becoming a “school” raising “Civil Society Leaders”,
  • Strengthen the Local Organization Structure,
  • Diversify roles assumed by volunteers in the running of the Foundation,
  • Offer volunteers a place and a voice (participation) in the management of the Foundation,
  • Ensure longer performance with high added value by TEGV Volunteers


Our Foundation also offers the opportunity to employ interns pursuant to the value it places on education and development. University students who are obliged to do internships can apply to our education points as “interns”, and students who voluntarily want to do internships, as “volunteers”.