Privacy and Security Regulations

1.General Rules:

Using this webpage means that you have read and accepted the privacy and security conditions. If you have any suspicion that you will not comply with these conditions, please don’t enter or use this webpage. Additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of certain parts of this webpage.

2.Controlling Privacy and Security Conditions / Changes:

TEGV retains the right to change the privacy and security conditions or define additional terms and conditions without prior notice. In order to know the property of the data collected during the use of this webpage, its use, with whom and how they are shared, and all updated conditions, any changes will be declared here. Since change is possible, it is recommended that this page be frequently checked. Use of this webpage and its services after any possible changes implies acceptance of those changes.

3.User Data:

The User is responsible for all the data he/she provides as user, such as information given on the webpage, or services such as volunteering or donations. He/She is also responsible for all data transferred via this webpage (including all articles, documents, thoughts and ideas). The User is accepted as having confirmed the accuracy, security, non-violation of third person rights, and compliance with the law on all data they present, upload to this site.
If necessary, TEGV may remove any content or limit access if it is deemed harmful or places a burden on the user. TEGV has the right to pre-select, screen, warn on content, change or refuse a user or content (whereupon no legal liability pertains to TEGV).

4.Personal Information:

  • While using the webpage, making use of a service such as volunteering or donation information uploaded to the site such as name, family name, age, gender, occupation, working status, education status, address, IP information can/might be recorded. Such data is closed to everyone but TEGV
  • The site owner may classify and collect the data given by the user only for the purpose of collecting that data (such as announcing the name of donors), for statistical analysis or for user safety, and only accordingly to the rules of security. Data can be used in accordance with the site and the reason that the data is given. The User is accepted as having confirmed total or partial use of the data she/he has sent/declared/recorded, in accordance with site and service purposes.
  • Under no circumstances may personal information be sold, distributed or made subject of trade.
  • Sensitive information: Under no circumstances unless otherwise requested by law may the site demand sensitive information such as race and ethnical identity, political opinions, religious or similar beliefs, physical or psychological status. TEGV bears no responsibility for this data being given and/or recorded.

5.Open System:

Users know and accept that the internet environment is not safe, communication in this environment is risky, and that data such as personal information, passwords etc. may be subject to illegal acts by third parties. TEGV makes no guarantee about security or malignant use.

6.Violation of Privacy and Security Conditions:

In the event of violation of privacy regulations, regardless of whether the violation is completed or just an attempt, TEGV reserves the right to refuse, remove and delete the existing information in the system, as well as the right, with no obligation of prior notice, to suspend or end the user’s access to the web page (even though not obliged). The same rules apply if the violation or attempted violation is made by a third party in the name of a user.

7.Information and Contact:

You can get more information about webpage’s regulations on privacy and security by writing to