Terms of Use

Türkiye Eğitim Gönüllüleri Vakfı(TEGV) Webpage General Terms of Use


This is the official webpage of TEGV. Please read the terms of use listed below. Entering this web site or using it means that you accept the terms of use determined by TEGV and written below.

2.General Terms of Use:

The moment you start using this web page, you earn the right to use and access interfaces and functions resulting from this webpage or other linked webpages, as well as some services offered at this site or linked pages.

  • Using this site and its services means that you are deemed to have read and confirmed the terms of use. If you have any suspicion that you won’t be able to comply with the terms of use and security regulation, please don’t enter or use this webpage.
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of certain parts of this webpage or interactions formed with some parts.
  • TEGV retains the right to ask for a fee for some or all services; add extra regulations, fully terminate or close the webpage, partly or fully change or end the use of the content, services, graphic design etc. of the webpage, without prior warning.

3.Tracking / Change of Terms of Use:

TEGV retains the right to make changes to the terms of use or include additional regulations, at any time and with no prior warning. So that all users are aware of the terms of use, any changes will be announced here. Use of this webpage and its services after any possible changes implies acceptance of said changes.

4.Liability of TEGV:

TEGV bears no liability for any actions you may take while using this webpage. You cannot apportion blame to TEGV for any result arising from your actions on this webpage after having read and accepted the terms of use.


All content, information, news, opinion, advice, results, reports etc. of any nature published here may originate from TEGV or from other sources. TEGV does not confirm the accuracy of content from other webpages, users or donors, and bears no legal liability.

6.Liability for the Use of Content:

No matter the source, the user has the right to use or not to use the data and information provided on the webpage. The legal results of this decision lie fully with the user. TEGV bears no liability.

7.No Guarantees:

This webpage is presented to the user as is, and it gives, with the largest descriptions in law, no written or verbal, private or general guarantees. TEGV makes no guarantee that the functions and services offered on this webpage are free of faults or work properly, or that any malfunctioning will be corrected. There are also no guarantees that the servers used for this webpage, the webpage itself, or any linked webpages belonging to third parties have no virus or any other harmful content.


This webpage may feature linked pages that are not operated by TEGV but by third parties. TEGV bears no liability or guarantees for said links, their content, or security privacy policies. The continuation of the link is not guaranteed either. TEGV cannot be held liable for personal data provided to those sites, any content acquired from those links, or for their security regulations.

9.Intellectual Property:

  • All copyright/financial rights of this webpage belong to TEGV.
  • With the express condition of not deleting or changing the name of TEGV, information on this webpage may be downloaded computer for a written copy. No part of this webpage may be copied in any format (printout, copying to disk, placing somewhere else, downloading in any other way), reproduced (including distributions of the prints), distributed or published, nor may content be changed or amended for any purpose except for those that are clearly stated here.
  • It is accepted that any information and/or content provided on this webpage or transferred via this page is not intellectual property and/or has no copyright issues. Users are forbidden to upload any data that might have copyright/financial right issues to this webpage, or transfer to another one through this site.
  • Having brand, name, logo etc. elements on which a third party might have intellectual property rights on this webpage does not generate intellectual or property right for the user; and cannot be interpreted in this way. All intellectual rights of any content on this webpage belonging to third parties belong to the title holder.

10.Controlling Visits:

When the webpage is visited, the server automatically starts to collect data in order to enable the site to communicate with the visiting computer. In addition to the number of visits, parts of the webpage visited, IP addresses, domain types, browser types, time and date information, and all roaming on the webpage are tracked and inspected. Using the webpage means that the user gives TEGV the right to collect all of the above stated data. At any time it is possible to delete all this data on the personal computer, and block all cookies.

11.Communication Between Users:

Where communication between users occurs, the parties are fully responsible for said communication. TEGV bears no liability, and provides neither data security guarantee nor protection against malignant action on communication, connection, data traffic or other parties.

12.Prohibition on Intervention:

It is forbidden to violate or attempt to violate the site and its services. Criminal action will be taken against individuals who contravene this, and a criminal case may be filed. Any claim of violation will be inspected by TEGV and, in the event that TEGV suspects a violation, it will address the relevant legal authorities. Access to the site by users whose violation has been proven will be terminated. Violators are fiscally, legally and penally liable to the owner of the right violated and/or TEGV.

13.Violation of the Terms of Use:

In the event that the security regulations are not followed, or the terms of use are violated, regardless of whether the violation is fully realized or just an attempt, TEGV retains the right to refuse the existing data, remove from content, or delete. In such event, TEGV retains the right to suspend, terminate or cancel users’ membership (not necessarily), with no need for prior warning. The same rules apply to indirect violation of terms of use by third parties acting in the name of a user. Non-use by TEGV of any just or legal remedy born from the terms stated herein does not mean that TEGV has waived its rights.

14.Information and Contact:

You can get more information about www.tegv.org webpage’s regulations on privacy and security by writing to tegv@tegv.org.