Anatolian Volunteer

Anatolian Volunteer

The Anatolian Summer Volunteers Project aims to implement creative and innovative projects, developed for elementary school children by volunteers, in a city other than their home towns, at TEGV activity points all around Turkey for the past 15 years. During the period 2010-2016, 108 TEGV volunteers created and implemented projects regarding arts, environment, animal rights, human rights, children’s rights and social awareness for our children.

In 2017, we revamped our Anatolian Summer Volunteer project to Anatolian Volunteer, and the seasonal limit was removed. Now, our volunteers can develop their own unique projects throughout the year, and implement them with our children, parents or other volunteers.


All volunteers who have completed their Step by Step volunteering process (who received Foundation Introduction and Basic Volunteer Training) and were active for at least one activity period.
Volunteers can create contents for an implementation period of at least 1 week and at most 3 weeks for the projects they will develop.

The target audience is primary school children, volunteers and parents.

Projects should be prepared for application at TEGV activity points (Education Parks-Learning Units-Firefly Mobile Learning Units).

We expect volunteers whose projects qualify for implementation to explain their experiences to colleague volunteers when they return to their respective activity points, and to lead new efforts that will improve relations between two activity points.

The accommodation, food and transportation expenses of volunteers whose projects qualify for implementation will be covered by the Foundation. The Anatolian Volunteer project schedule consists of 3 terms.

Application* Assessment** Implementation**
1st Term September October November – December
2nd Term January February March – April
3rd Term May May June – July

* Volunteers design their creative and innovative projects and submit them to TEGV – Volunteer Policies.
** Projects assessed by TEGV – Volunteer Policies are announced.
*** Volunteers whose projects are accepted implement their respective projects at the host activity point.

Please click for the application form.

You can download the form onto your computer and send it to