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“Volunteering means activities carried out by individuals’ free will to help out individuals and/or other beings, apart from their family or close circle, with a motivation that does not depend on material things.*”

This definition is taken from the Report on Status of Volunteering of UNV.

At Education Volunteers, all our activities are carried out with the support of our volunteers. The volunteers, who believe in the right of all the children in our country to achieve their dreams without any discrimination, devote their time, efforts, knowledge and experience with social responsibility, and support the bright individuals of the future.

In addition to supporting children’s education, our volunteers also act as active-responsible citizens and improve social awareness.

Our volunteers are involved in projects that help society, and by implementing such projects, they have a chance to fulfill their social responsibility and also contribute to personal development.

TEGV places key value on establishing permanent and long-term relationships with our volunteers in all our efforts.

Volunteering for Education Volunteers must:

  • Be over 18
  • At least a high school graduate
  • Adopt the purpose, vision and mission of theFoundation, and
  • Have educational, professional and personal traits that will greatly support the activities and events of the Foundation.

For more detailed information, see Step by Step Volunteering.

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Step by Step Volunteering

Step by Step Volunteering consists of the following stages:


    If you have decided to become a volunteer with us, you can apply via this link or in person at one of our Activity Points. You will receive a meeting invitation by e-mail from the Activity Point for an Introduction to our Foundation within one month of your application. If you wish, you can call and learn the date of the closest Basic Volunteer Training from the Activity Point you applied to. Click for contact details of our Activity Points.
    Volunteer candidates who are younger than 18 can apply by submitting a document certifying the approval of their schools or their families only to an Activity Point Officer, and not online.
    Click for Volunteer Application Form.


    Application Terms Online Application Terms
    Fall Term September 01, 2017 – October 15, 2017
    Spring Term January 1, 2018- February 15, 2018
    Summer Activity Term May 1, 2018- June 10, 2018

    A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to volunteer candidates who apply outside of these terms.


    All volunteer candidates whose applications are approved are invited to the nearest Foundation Introduction Meeting by the TEGV Activity Point they applied to.
    We explain our mission, vision and working principles, Step by Step Volunteering, and Education Programs/Activities at this meeting.
    We request that our volunteer candidates fill out the “Volunteer Candidate Information Form” after the meeting and we hand out the Education Volunteer Guide.


    All candidates who attend the Foundation Introduction are invited to the full-day Basic Volunteer Training. Candidates who want to continue volunteering after the training sign a TEGV Volunteer Contract, and submit photocopies of their identity cards and certificates of good conduct.


    The main purpose of the Program Volunteer Trainings is to bring together volunteers and children in an active learning environment; thus, ensuring that volunteers are more productive at activities and children enjoy the activities more.
    The training time varies according to the programs, and they include learning methods that will enrich the implementation of activities, the concepts these methods rely on, and practical applications.
    Program Volunteer Trainings range between 1 and 5 days.


    The Trainer Trainings aim to establish a trainer staff that will deliver the Basic and Program Volunteer Trainings. Trainer Trainings are designed with the activity/program consultants, and provided to trainer candidates.

    Support is provided to TEGV volunteer candidates as Activity Volunteer, Trainer Volunteer and/or Supporting Volunteer, depending on their knowledge, skills, experience and preferences.
    Education Volunteer: They volunteer for our education programs/activities that are run at Primary Schools, within the scope of the Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of National Education, at TEGV points all around Turkey. We expect our volunteers to apply the education program/activity for at least 2 hours a week, over at least 1 semester (16-17 weeks), depending on the implementation period of the program/activity.
    Trainer Volunteer: They are selected from among volunteers who have volunteered for at least two TEGV Activity Years or more, and they provide support in offering Volunteer Trainings to volunteers.
    Support Volunteer: They support our Foundation in areas other than educational activities:

    • Communication Volunteer: They provide communication support at Activity Points (stand information, relations with local media, etc.)
    • Resource Volunteer: They contact individuals and/or institutions that may donate to our Foundation to cover resource requirements at Activity Points, and ensure that real and/or monetary resources are provided.
    • Office Volunteer: They help with office, technology and library operations at Activity Points, in line with their personal and professional experience.
    • Project Volunteer: They volunteer at Activity Points within the scope of volunteering programs.



    The contribution of our volunteers in supporting and empowering our activities is of utmost importance. Motivation exercises are performed according to the period our volunteers are active.

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