Our Activity Centers


EPToday TEGV has a total of 10 education parks; two in Istanbul and one in each of the following cities; Ankara, Antalya, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Izmir, Samsun, Şanlıurfa and Van.

Education parks are built on spacious grounds allocated by the local authorities, and they have all the spatial and technological capacities to support a versatile education. The parks have 10-20 decares of open space, and 1200 m2 of indoor space. Each year, about 3500 children attend activities at the education parks. There are soccer pitches, basketball courts etc. in the outdoor areas, and the indoor areas have 10 activity rooms, 2 computer rooms, and a library.


OBEducation Units are on a smaller scale. They are set up in cities and municipalities where education opportunities are limited. The units are established in sites that are allocated by individuals or local authorities.

The education units have about 250-300 m2 of indoor space, and serve around 700 children each year. The education units have 4 activity rooms, each designed for a different purpose, 1 technology room, and 1 library.


ABFirefly reaches out to children where there aren’t any education parks or education units. Firefly Mobile Education Units started along with the Hope 2000 Project after the 1999 Earthquake, so that the children in the disaster area could continue with their education. Later on, those vehicles were developed and converted into Firefly Mobile Education Units, and they reached all cities. The Istanbul, Our Home education truck joined the team as the first Thematic Firefly. Fireflies are set up in truck trailers, and serve around 2400 children each year. Each Firefly has 12 technology rooms with computers, a free activity room and free area.

In addition to Standard Firefly Education Units, TEGV has 3 Thematic Fireflies.

Science Firefly: This Firefly runs activities to help children gain basic science knowledge and skills, and to help them think scientifically, solve problems and have a positive attitude toward science.

Dream Traveler Firefly: This Firefly helps to enhance art knowledge and skills among elementary level children so that they can develop a positive view of art, and bolster their awareness about basic art concepts. Art also supports children’s creativity, sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Traffic Firefly: This Firefly runs activities designed to raise elementary level students’ knowledge about traffic and related concepts, as well as help them gain the correct skills and manner related to traffic.

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