Dicle Kaymaz

Dicle Kaymaz güneş amblemi.

Dicle Kaymaz graduated from Sakarya University with a major in Industrial Engineering in 2015. During her bachelor years, she focused on lean manufacturing for her internships. She got her master's degree in Engineering Management at Marmara University in 2015-2016. She worked as a Production Planning Assistant Specialist at Kopaş Kozmetik in those years. Since 2016, she has worked as a Planning and Quality Specialist at the Planning and Project department of the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV). Under this position, she worked on Strategic Planning, Organizational Governance, Balanced Scorecard, Lean 6 Sigma Process Improvement, Integrated Reporting, and Quality Management Systems. In 2018, she joined the training offered by Yenibirlider (A New Leader) Development Program and got mentorship and coaching support. Later she completed English language education at Bogazici University with success. Now she continues to work as Planning and Project Executive at the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV).

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