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All activities at the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey are implemented with the support of our volunteers. Our volunteers, who believe in the right of children to make their dreams real, transfer their efforts, time, knowledge and experiences into developing the children with a sense of social responsibility, and support the upbringing of bright people of the future.

By taking part in projects that will benefit the society we all live in, our volunteers both find the opportunity to fulfil their social needs and contribute to their personal improvement.

Become a Volunteer

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Become a volunteer

Anyone who is older than 15 and who have a big heart full of love for children can volunteer at TEGV.

To become a volunteer at TEGV, you must complete the Foundation Orientation and Basic Volunteering Trainings. You will be able to participate at these trainings in the comfort of your home, on a PC, through our website. In the application form, please choose the best activity point for your convenience. It is very important that you volunteer at an event point even if you provide only distance education.

If you would like to volunteer for our long-term training programs, you will also receive a program of Volunteering Training. Program for remote volunteering. Volunteering Training for the Distance Education programs are made online asynchronously while the Volunteering Training for the face-to-face programs are made face-to-face.

Activity Volunteering You can participate in our short- and long-term training programs remotely or face to face. You can organize events remotely by meeting with children at TEGV Digital, the online TEGV learning platform.

Support Volunteering You can participate in face-to-face or remotely by developing projects other than children's activities. You can support in areas such as fundraising, communication activities, office support, volunteering and children's organizations to ensure the sustainability of the foundation.

Trainer Volunteering You can support the Basic Volunteering Trainings and Program Volunteering Trainings to our volunteer candidates.

Corporate Volunteering Volunteering activities are carried out under the patronage of companies, with their support and guidance.

We will also need some legal documents to protect you and our children.

Become a volunteer içerik görseli.
Personal Data Protection Law içerik ikonu.
Personal Data Protection Law

Don't forget to read from TEGV Digital

Volunteers Commitment içerik ikonu.
Volunteers Commitment

Don't forget to read from TEGV Digital

Volunteering Under 18 içerik ikonu.
Volunteering Under 18

Within the scope of exceptional volunteering, volunteer support can be provided under the age of 18 (15-17) depending on the permission processes.

Criminal Record içerik ikonu.
Criminal Record

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Volunteer Become a Kids Superhero güneş amblemi.

Volunteer Become a Kids Superhero

Step by Step Volunteering:
1 Foundation introduction and completion içerik ikonu.
Foundation introduction and completion
2 Filling in the application form içerik ikonu.
Filling in the application form
3 Orientation meeting içerik ikonu.
Orientation meeting

You can also attend the meeting remotely or at the activity point

4 Basic Volunteering Training içerik ikonu.
Basic Volunteering Training

You can attend video content from TEGV Digital Platform and then a 1-day live training

5 Uploading documents to the system içerik ikonu.
Uploading documents to the system
6 Orientation meeting içerik ikonu.
Orientation meeting

You can also attend the meeting remotely or at the event point

7 Program Volunteer Training içerik ikonu.
Program Volunteer Training

Volunteers who will provide a long-term training program can participate in distance or face-to-face training

We are looking forward to meeting you and having your application.

During the application process, you will only view our activity units that are open to application.
For distance education, it will be enough to choose the activity unit that is convenient for you the most.

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