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The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye carries out its activities with a view to ensure that children of primary school age are raised as equipped and qualified individuals, embracing modern and universal values, as well as the fundamental principles of the Republic, and to support the basic education provided by the state. Senior Management of TEGV has established the ‘Quality Policy’ described below for the purpose of increasing, improving and maintaining the efficiency of face-to-face and remote studies, carried out at the headquarters and activity locations of the foundation.

  • To manage the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye - the most widespread non-governmental organization in Türkiye in the field of education - with a participative, sharing and accountable sense of management
  • To create an activity plan to achieve the strategic targets specified in line with the vision and mission of the Foundation and to revise them on a regular basis
  • To implement the programs that will contribute to the quality education of children, in an effective and efficient manner, with the supports provided by volunteers and at the activity locations and on digital platforms.
  • To manage the business model consisting of the following dimensions, in a strong sense of governance: children, volunteers, locations, education programs, monitoring and assessment
  • To continuously improve the processes by analyzing the feedback collected from stakeholders (suggestions, requests, complaints, etc.) for an effective and efficient process management and to enhance and maintain stakeholders’ satisfaction
  • To apply a voluntary governance model focusing on the education and development of volunteers, in order to enhance and maintain the efficiency of educations and sense of belonging of volunteers
  • To create an equipped and competent staff that is committed to the culture, values and ethical principles of the Foundation; to keep the satisfaction, commitment and motivation of employees high; and to ensure their continuous improvement
  • To build a sustainable financial structure by developing the resources of donation and fund management and to ensure proper use of resources
  • With the Quality Policy, the Senior Management of TEGV commits fulfilling the applicable requirements of the management system and constantly improving the management system.

Board of Directors

Resolution No.16 and dated 28.06.2021

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