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About TEGV

The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye (TEGV) was established on 23 January 1995, with the initiatives of a group of industrialists, managers and academicians wholeheartedly believing that education comes first, in particular Suna Kıraç who initially took this path as an education volunteer for the future of primarily her country - Türkiye - and then the world, with a view to support the basic education provided by the state.

Since the day of its foundation, TEGV has focused on delivering non-formal education to children of primary school age, on the basis of the motto of “As each child changes, Türkiye flourishes”, and become the most widespread non-governmental organization operating in the field of education in Türkiye over the course of years. In 2009, TEGV was recognized as one of the foundations entitled with the right to “collect charity without permission” by the Council of Ministers. TEGV continues providing educational support to children, adopting a contemporary mission and vision, at 6 Education Parks, 42 Learning Units and 26 Firefly Learning Units of its own in 27 cities across Türkiye, under the cooperation protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education (MEB) on 28 December 2018.

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Our Mission

To support the basic education provided by the state, in order to ensure that children of primary school age are raised as equipped and qualified individuals, embracing modern and universal values, as well as the fundamental principles of the republic.

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Our Vision

To become a Non-Governmental Organization accessible to every child living in Türkiye, with its effective and distinctive education programs and sustainable structure.

Our Values

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  • All my decisions, actions and practices are based on the values and strategies of the foundation and I can account for and stand behind all these decisions, attitudes and practices.
  • I apply all my decisions, actions and practices in accordance with the objective criteria set by the foundation.
  • I ensure that objective criteria are set where they are absent.
  • I agree that all rules apply to everyone, without any exceptions.
  • I share my practices transparently with the relevant stakeholders, to the extent allowed by the regulations.
  • I share the necessary information with the right person, at the right time.


  • I include all stakeholders in the relevant processes.
  • I collect feedback from our stakeholders and evaluate those feedbacks.
  • I support all our stakeholders to achieve our goals.
  • I collaborate with our stakeholders during interactive processes.
  • I work in the spirit of volunteerism, going beyond the job description where necessary, with a view to achieve the common objective of the Foundation.
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  • I review the strategy of the Foundation and apply the necessary changes related to my work.
  • I follow the relevant developments regarding my work and apply the ones that I believe to add value.
  • I share new approaches and information to make them widespread.
  • I focus on how something should happen, not on how it should not happen.
  • I adapt to innovations and make effort to ensure that they are adopted by all stakeholders.


  • I do not discriminate children, parents, employees and volunteers on the bases of religion, language, race, gender, age, socio-economic status in the opportunities I provide.
  • I create an environment where everybody can express themselves and have their ideas heard.
  • I consider different ideas an opportunity for development.
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  • I am well aware of the expectations, powers and responsibilities in my job description.
  • I fulfill the duties assigned to me completely.
  • I act in accordance with the work discipline and the codes of conduct.
  • When I encounter situations that are contrary to the TEGV rules and ethical values, I provide feedback to that individual.
  • I use resources efficiently.
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