Don’t Waste, Donate!

Don’t Waste, Donate! sayfa görseli.
Don’t Waste, Donate! güneş amblemi.

“Don't Waste, Donate!” 
The aim of our project is to contribute to the meeting of more children with quality education by creating an alternative source method for TEGV, on the one hand, and to support sustainable environmental activities by reducing the damage caused by e-waste to the environment, on the other hand.

Everyone can contribute to both sustainable environmental goals and the support of children at TEGV with quality education by recycling electronic wastes that they do not use at home or at work and that have a negative impact on the environment.

Desktop-laptop-tablet computers, monitors and televisions, desk and mobile phones, printer scanners and copiers, network products such as modems and switches, electronic household appliances such as irons, hair dryers and food processors, all kinds of cables and adapters can be considered as e-waste.

Products that cannot be recycled and donated: Glass and wood-based furniture and ornaments, white goods (refrigerator, laundry-dishwasher), laser printer toners, batteries and batteries.

The scrap value of the products will be donated to TEGV.

List of products that you can donate to E-Waste CLICK


Since the Start of the Project

500 ton
500 ton e-atık geri dönüştürüldü
25.000 adet
25.000 adet kargo ile e-atık taşındı
5.500 çocuğumuzun
5.500 çocuğumuzun eğitimine destek olduk
Sosyal Medya Üzerinde Biz.
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