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OUR 2022 - 2024 STRATEGY

We prepared our 2022 - 2024 Strategic Planning, which will guide our next three years, with the vision drawn by our Board of Directors and the participation of our teams. We carried out our studies using the Balanced Scorecard method, as in the previous strategic plan periods. With the participation of all our teams, we evaluated our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats ahead, with SWOT Analysis. In order to achieve our goals, we have created our strategies and the projects we plan to implement in this context in our strategy map.

In our new Strategic Plan period, we aim to make progress in inclusive and qualified education by constantly improving our processes, which we will build on innovative information technology infrastructure and human resources governance, creating strong ties with all our stakeholders by protecting our existing reputation, and securing the sustainability of our financial structure. Considering the financial, stakeholder, process and infrastructure dimensions revealed by the Balanced Scorecard method, we have determined our 5 main strategic goals.


Inclusive and Qualified Education

Considering the effects of the pandemic and the rapid change in the field of informatics on education;

To reach children in distance education and to support children with tablets,

To reach all children and their families and teachers, including distance education and Fireflies,

village schools, children of agricultural worker families, children of immigrant families, children with special needs,

Considering the environmental crises, digital transformation and the 21st century skills sought in the workforce as the top target of the quality education we offer,

We aim to continue to offer our training programs designed with new generation creative learning methods, our restructured systematic assessment and evaluation practices, our digital platforms and high-standard activity points to all our stakeholders.

Awareness, Reputation and Stakeholder Engagement

We implement our activities with the power we derive from our stakeholders; We continue to improve our efforts to increase their loyalty, satisfaction and continuity. As a result of these efforts, we aim to ensure effective communication with our stakeholders, to increase our awareness in the public day by day, to ensure continuity in resources, to increase the contributions of our trustees and to further strengthen our international relations.

Sustainable Financial Infrastructure

It is of strategic importance for our Foundation that our successful activities can continue for many more years. Operational and financial sustainability is a priority in our strategic goals. In this context, we aim to diversify our resources in domestic and international channels, increase our economic operating income, reduce our costs and strengthen our core assets.

Effective and Efficient Processes

We focus on the effective and long-term benefit of our children from our education programs and other activities, and we carry out studies for versatile communication. In line with our understanding of continuous development and improvement, we aim to increase the efficiency of our processes with strong corporate governance, effective risk management and quality management system.

Innovative Information Technologies Infrastructure and Human Resources Governance

We are strengthening our Information Technologies and Human Resources infrastructure in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, and we are working to implement innovative applications in every field. Developing the competence and loyalty of our employees, maintaining the spirit of teamwork, ensuring organizational continuity are among the most important issues we focus on.

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