H. Hüsnü Okvuran

H. Hüsnü Okvuran güneş amblemi.

Hüsnü Okvuran works at Actera Group. Prior to Actera, Mr. Okvuran served as the Managing Director of Investment Banking in Turkey and Financial Institutions Investment Banking in East-Central Europe, Middle East and Africa at Deutsche Bank. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, he held various positions in Investment Banking and Venture Capital for 17 years at Goldman Sachs offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Dubai. He most recently served as Managing Director for European Mergers & Acquisitions and Developing Countries in the Financial Institutions Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs London. He completed his undergraduate studies in Economics and Political Sciences from Yale University.

He is married to Meltem Okvuran and has two children.

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